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  • What You Need to Know

    • Your registered Publisher name needs to match your legal business name in order to successfully complete validation.
    • While your company account is pending validation from Symantec, you will not be eligible to submit apps to the Windows Phone Store or register devices for app side loading.  Upon approval and activation these options will become available.
    • The Symantec ID Validation process can take up to 7-10 business days to finish. After Symantec’s approval, the Dev Center account will activate within 48 hours.
    • Any modifications made to the first/last name on the account or Publisher name will restart the validation process. A new request will be sent from Symantec to your corporate approver, and your Dev Center account will revert to a pending status.


    • FAQ’s for Validation
    • 1. How do I determine the vetted names for a new account?
    • a. Vetted First Name and Vetted Last Name are the name of the person that will be administering and developing the applications not a subset of the Company Publisher Name.
    • 2. Can I use my LiveID or Free Email account? (i.e. @hotmail.com, @liveid.com, @163.com, @gmail.com)
      a. Yes – However, free email accounts are harder to validate and will force the vetting process to take longer. You can use it to set up your account but it is not recommended.  (See #3 Below)

      3. Is a non-domain email acceptable for Administrator Contact or Corporate Contact email?
      a. Yes, non-domain e-mails can be validated however it is recommended that the Admin and Corporate contact e-mails are company domain aliases. The e-mail provided should be as
    • follows:
              i.  <Admin>@<SubDomain(IFExists)><CompanyDomainName>.<DomainExtension>
      b. Using a non-domain e-mail alias increases the time it takes to validate an account as there are extra steps required for verification.

      4. Can the Administrator and the Corporate Contact be the same person?
      a. Yes, the Admin and the Corporate Contact are not required to match. 
              i. In the case of a sole proprietorship they will be exactly the same. 

      5. Do I have to provide two different email addresses if I am a sole proprietorship.
      Yes, and the email provided should be associated with your corporate domain or it may require modification. (See #3 Above)

      6. Is the authentication process required as a part of enrollment?
      a. ‘Business’ is the only type of accounts that requires the Authentication process.
              i. Individual and Student accounts are no longer vetted.

      7. If I need to change me Company Name or Email address how long does that take?
      a. E-mail modifications take 3 to 5 business days to complete.
      b. Company Name modifications are dependent on the documentation required by Symantec
    • For Symantec ID Validation Help & Support

    Email:  mssupport@symantec.com

    Email (APAC):  mssupport-au@symantec.com

    Fax:  +1 650-237-8871

    Live Chat:   http://go.symantec.com/microsoft-chat-support


    Important Notes:

    • Your Microsoft Account that is used for Dev Center access cannot be changed.
    • Account types (Student, Individual, or Company) cannot be changed.
    • If you chose the wrong account type or need to re-register for any reason, please contact Windows Phone Dev Center Support - http://dev.windowsphone.com/Support

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013 8:09 PM