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  • I have a 1803 golden image of a win10 desktop that i provision a desktop pool with within Horizon v7.9.  On the image itself, I have installed Adobe Reader 2017 and Adobe Pro DC.  One permission group Hides reader and shows Pro while another permission group hides pro and show reader.  Logging into the golden image with different users properly hides the correct app.

    After the desktop pool is provisioned and accessing though either the horizon client or web browser, Adobe Reader DC is always displayed and Adobe Pro is never displayed regardless of what user i use to log in.

    Would a provisioned instant clone process FSLOGIX rules differently in a clone of a golden image?

    Thursday, September 5, 2019 9:16 PM

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  • Would a provisioned instant clone process FSLOGIX rules differently in a clone of a golden image?

    Short answer:  It might.  

    First of all, in this scenario FSLogix needs to be installed in the base image.  

    Second, I have seen cases where the rule files ALSO needed to be in the base image.

    Here's why:

    FSLogix compiles rules in a few different scenarios, but most commonly they are read by the service when they hit the "C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\rules" folder.  I have seen cases with various types of application virtualization where in a provisioned machine adding the rules to that folder doesn't result in them being read, because instead of seeing that exact path the rules are seen as being placed into \\HarddiskVolume#\Program Files\...  

    The FSLogix service won't see rules that aren't written to that exact path, so I would start by testing out rules in the base image.  If the rule works in the golden image then you can try copying the same rule files into the rules folder on a provisioned machine.  If they work in the base image, but not in a provisioned machine then you'll have to bake your rules into the golden image rather than deploying them later.

    If you run into trouble with your rules, or they apply ONLY in the golden image (not after provisioning even with them baked in) then I would urge you to open a case so we can look closer into the specifics of your environment.  You can open a case by following the steps outlined here:


    Friday, September 6, 2019 6:17 PM