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  • Hi,

    For Windows 8.1 Enterprise MDM : 

    Is there any way to get multiple values using only single command ? right now I am writing seperate command for each property and it is annoying and time consuming. Why has this been made so much complex compare to iOS MDM ?

    For example :

    If I want to get UUID value from Win32_ComputerSystemProduct instance,

    I need three values as keys IdentifyingNumber,Name and Version, Without getting these keys I can't access UUID property.

    So, command sequence is like :

    (1) Sending .cimv2/Win32_ComputerSystemProduct command

    (2) Above command returns this as a value,


    (3) So, I have to separate out IdentifyingNumber, Name, and Version from above result

    (4) Then send this command to get UUID , 


    This process is complex, Isn't there any way to get all values at once ?
    Like, Just send one command, and it gets all values for IdentifyingNumber,Name,Version, UUID etc.

    Friday, December 12, 2014 1:18 AM


  • Unfortunately not... exposing WMI providers in this way was an easy way to expose existing management functionality but it's not ideal. 


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