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  • Hello, I am having a problem with a filled map visualisation in PowerBI. I am displaying data by Local Authority Council areas in Devon, United Kingdom - all the local authority areas display fine with the exception of one, and I wonder if anyone knows why - the problem area is "E07000043. NORTH DEVON" 

    Note the above code & name format is the only way I can get the area data to display - nothing loads if I just use the GSS codes on their own eg E07000043, or the local authority names on their own eg NORTH DEVON. 

    Also the filled map only seems to work when the Data Category is set to 'City'. I am putting 'UniqueRef' in the values field..

    Any advice would be appreciated!


    A sample of the data I am using:

    UniqueRef LA Code + Name
    14KE2A001 E07000040. EAST DEVON
    14CB2W001 E07000043. NORTH DEVON
    14JS3N001 E07000044. SOUTH HAMS
    14KT3E001 E07000042. MID-DEVON
    14JC2B001 E07000045. TEIGNBRIDGE
    14JC3H001 E07000045. TEIGNBRIDGE
    14JC3H002 E07000045. TEIGNBRIDGE
    14JS2K001 E07000044. SOUTH HAMS
    14DE2I001 E07000041. EXETER
    14JI4M001 E07000044. SOUTH HAMS
    14DE2M001 E07000041. EXETER
    14KA2J001 E07000040. EAST DEVON
    14KH2H002 E07000040. EAST DEVON
    14CI2D001 E07000043. NORTH DEVON
    14CL2C001 E07000043. NORTH DEVON
    14JH2H001 E07000044. SOUTH HAMS

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  • Bing Maps has no problem geocoding North Devon, UK and there is a boundary for it as well. I suspect your issue is due to one of two things;

    • You are not passing in a country anywhere. As such, the first result for North Devon is likely a city in Canada which doesn't have a polygon. Add a column and fill it with UK then set that as the country region. It will help a lot.
    • There is an issue in Power BI with finding this result. Power BI has built an set of tools on top of Bing Maps for visualizing data and they do a few things behind the scenes. This can result in Power BI not finding all the data that is available in Bing Maps. If the first tip doesn't help then try asking in the Power BI forums:

    Friday, January 29, 2016 12:40 AM