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  • I apologize if this ends up in the wrong thread, but I am extremely frustrated, need some very simple questions answered, and don't have time to root through all of the forums. Please do not link me to the Microsoft Docs site; I have been around them many times in circles, and they are more confusing than helpful.

    I have just signed a contract with a client who provides a third-party plug-in for Microsoft Access that integrates source-code control. He suggested that I begin with Azure DevOps, as there is a free version available. I have no experience with SCC at all, and I was not prepared for how confusing this is turning out to be.

    Please help me by answering the following questions in a straightforward manner:

    I have downloaded the Azure DevOps Server Express installer, and completed the installation. Following that, the Administration Console appears. Does this mean that the server is now running? If it is running, how do I use it? The docs seems to imply that I connect to it locally through a web browser, but they don't explicitly show how that can be done. If the server is not yet running at that point, how do I cause it to begin running? Do I need to install anything else in order to get this to run on my local computer?

    (I am running Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365, if that information helps any.)

    Wednesday, July 31, 2019 4:47 PM

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  • Hi Sarjenka,

    Short Answer:

    Did you get an instance of SQL Server installed in addition to the DevOps server instance? On how to use it, that is not a simple question. Please see: Administrative tasks quick reference (link).

    Long Answer:

    There are basically two options for using DevOps. There is the on-premise installation or there is a hosted DevOps service option. The on-premise deployment is the option you are attempting. Apologies for referencing a document but, this is the document you need to install for a single node deployment:

    Install on a single server (link) where all system requirements are outlined here. Please note that Team Foundation Server (TFS) is not called Azure DevOps Server. You can install DevOps Server on a Windows 10 host version 1607 or later. You will need to install a version of SQL Server (SQL Express will work) as well. Again, please see the prerequisites (link).

    The entire on-premise installation begins from this page: Install and configure Azure DevOps on-premises (link)

    Please make sure you have go through the entire process of setting up the DevOps Server instance and an instance of SQL Server.

    If the On-Premise installation is still too much trouble, why not use the Azure DevOps hosted service by navigating to the following link: and start your free trial. This is all browser based where the on-premise instance is a bit more complicated. All I can suggest is to reference the Administrative tasks quick reference page (link) for help with your installation. I want to make sure you have not only the DevOps server instance installed but also an SQL Server instance, as the product will not operate without a data store.

    I think you will find the hosted option an easier option unless you are being held to some type of requirements. If the on-premise instance is intended for a multi-user environment, your laptop is not suitable. 

    This is not the correct place for this question but given the nature of your need for help, I have taken the liberty to help you the best that I can here. I apologize for redirecting you to the documentation but I hope that I provided some clarity and guidance. Please do continue to ask questions if you need additional help. I really thing you need to spend some time learning the DevOps platform as it is complicated. Again, the hosted option might be a better option. The laptop installation is great for single use and learning the platform but it does not scale. 


    Wednesday, July 31, 2019 11:58 PM