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    I am a new dba, that have been tasked to migrate 8 SQL servers into 3 SQL 2017 CU16 HA/AG so that our SQL Servers are more online and time consuming Windows Updates can be done in production time.

    I have installed the 3 HA/AG groups, and I am testing migration which I have restored 99% of the Databases on one of my HA/AG group. They are running in Synchronous mode, with Automatic failover.

    I then tried to restore a db, but according to google I have to delete the db from the AG and both servers, set it into a singlemode and now I can restore the DB. (My thoughts were, that a DB would apply the changes from the DB I am trying to restore from) 

    Is there a way to have specific databases from the one SQL 2012 (Version 11.0.7001.0) Source Server up to date on the new AG/HA without deleting my current work?

    The old source server is a single SQL Server in the broadest sense.

    My catch is that the Source SQL Server has to be running for another 8 weeks, and I am not allowed to reboot, change/add any IP adresses.

    Friday, August 23, 2019 6:30 AM

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  • Hi SysadminEU,

    Did you want to restore a database backup in AG? If I misunderstood, please let me know. 

    >> but according to google I have to delete the db from the AG and both servers, set it into a singlemode and now I can restore the DB.

    I test it in my environment, we do not need to delete the database from AG on both servers. Firstly, we remove the database from AG, then we restore the database backup on primary server and restore the database backup with no recovery on secondary server. At the end, we add the database to the AG. During the process, on the Data Synchronization page, please choose ‘ join only’.

    Best regards,

    MSDN Community Support
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    Friday, August 30, 2019 9:08 AM
  • Hey Cathy

    Thanks for the reply, there is to much work involved in joing the database, instead of a full copy.

    I am really new to this, I figured out that you can copy a database, and later on in the wizard, you can choose to move and detach, not move and set the database offline.

    I value time as the time I have to work, and I evaluate the possible of errors and delays in migrating by adding an additional workflow to my migration, by restoring a database to the other node.

    The singlemode that I wrote, was completly wrong because I worked with an ancient version of SMSS, I am using SMSS 17.9.1 in everything that I do. SMSS 17.9.1 makes the move process better.

    Now one week before migration takes place, I discover there is no fallback option to the old server in case something goes wrong, this is an added stress factor and prevents future purchase of new versions.

    Microsoft is asking for a real premium price and the recent price increase are simply not justified, when a high availbility and allways on based on the latest CU16 for SQL 2017 cannot keep SQL Server Agent - Jobs/stored procedures in sync with the other host and that I have to use the junk yard google search engine for a solution on how Microsoft can do it.

    Tuesday, September 3, 2019 8:30 AM