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  • I am working towards developing a system that has some of its components in Microsoft Azure and rest on premises. Some key components are the Azure Cloud Services wich has a web role (MVC web applicaiton) and Azure SQL DB as a local datastore. The core Database systems (system of records) are onpremise. Certain transactions follows a specific flow where in they need to be updated in the Azure SQL DB first and then it will be asyncronously updated in the core DB on premise, and then this update along with some other calculated values will flow back to the SQL Azure DB. This flow back to Azure SQL DB is planned using Azure SQL Data Sync. Azure Data sync has a minimum delay of 5 minutes between consecutive updates. The web will always display its data from the Azure SQL DB.

    In a scenario where a customer updates a field - say name - immediately two or more times, the web applcation since it is getting data from Azure SQL DB will display the last updated value. However, since the core databases are updated asynchronously and these updates from the core databases will flow to the Azure SQL DB at a later point in time, the last updated record in Azure SQL DB by the web can be replaced with the values coming from the core database which was a result of the initial updates. This may cause some level of inconsistency with respect to user experience. The customer may see the latest updated "Name" as soon as he does his final update, but this value will change (to one of the earlier updates) after the data sync, and finally it will display the last updated value. Any recommendations on the best way to implement such a functionality?

    Moreover, what would be the best option to sync an on premise SQL Server and an Azure SQL DB, if not Azure SQL Data Sync?

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016 4:04 PM