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    I have a .NET application which works with MS SQL 2005 as the data source.

    As one of our customer wanted data source as Oracle and hence we exported the schema, data and etc from MS SQL 2005 to Oracle and rewrote all stored procedures on Oracle by using some migration tool.


    We are able to bring up the UI (written in C# and ASP.NET) and able to perform some basics like logging and few other operations.


    Question: How to test result of each stored procedure on MS SQL 2005 with the result of its corresponding (re-written) stored procedure in Oracle DB?


    i)                    We want to see whether the newly written stored procedures on Oracle DB are functioning properly or not.

    ii)                   We have a total around 2000 stored procedure like this.


    Could some one suggest me whether is there any tool which will perform this activity or can we write a small utility by using some logic.




    Thursday, December 13, 2007 4:24 PM


  • You need someone who is RDBMS(relational database management systems) vendor agnostic then is it two to three days work because you have 2000 T-SQL stored procs and PL/SQL stored procs. All Oracle numeric data types uses one bucket data type called Number that also accepts Double SQL Server every thing is separate and does not accept Double. I don't know about a tool but you could start with the Microsoft migration guide which uses many comparisons.  One more thing there is now the free Oracle SQL Developer which let you view query results like SQL Server Management Studio.


    Thursday, December 13, 2007 10:33 PM