System sleep/resume issues RRS feed

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  • I have discovered that I have a handle that must be released in my Location Sensor driver before system sleep/hibernate. Currently my power policy ownership is set to false, and I had not implemented IPnpCallback, IPowerPolicyCallbackWakeFromSx or IPowerPolicyCallbackWakeFromS0.  What is the best way to implement this? 

    Sounds like OnD0Exit() would be called before the system enters sleep, but I also need to consider another device endpoint, so I don't see any way to guarantee that this device would enter into low power mode before the other endpoint.

    Or I could implement IPowerPolicyCallbackWakeFromSx().  To do this, would I need to change my power management property?  Is there a sample UMDF driver that uses this interface? I do not need the ability to wake the system with my driver, so I am not sure if this interface is necessary.

    Any other suggestions are welcome.
    Monday, February 22, 2010 9:42 PM