Connecting to an AzureAD-joined Windows 10 PC


  • According to, it is possible to connect to an AzureAD-joined PC from another AzureAD-joined PC, provided both are running Windows 10 1607 and are in the same Azure AD. However, I'm still having trouble making it work.

    If I use email, then the error message says "The credentials that were used to connect to [IP] did not work. Please enter new credentials." If I use AzureAD\Username, then the error message is somewhat different, saying "Remote machine is AAD joined. If you are signing in to your work account, try using your work email address."

    The user I tried to sign in was the one connected the PC to the AAD.

    Did anyone successfully make this work?

    Monday, March 20, 2017 6:32 AM

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