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  • Would be fantastic if someone would be able to give me some ideas on how to solve the following:

    I have tried everything I can think of … Two images below. The first image is of a report that is grouping on different fields. From left to right, you can see the groups. The first, “MD” is the state code. The next is a TaxId and the third is a Tax jurisdiction. The gross sales, taxable etc. are correct at the tax jurisdiction level ... one can see they repeat themselves for each
    jurisdiction; as they should. In other words, it is not adding the totals … it is the same total for each jurisdiction. The expression I am using for the Gross Sales column at the jurisdiction level ... and at the two grouping total levels above it is ...  

    =FORMAT(SUM(Fields!TaxableSales.Value)+ SUM(Fields!TaxableFreight.Value) + SUM(Fields!NonTaxableSales.Value) + SUM(Fields!NonTaxableFreight.Value),"C")

    Again, I am using the same expression for the two group total lines above it (TaxEntityId and State) but as you can see it is adding each of the Entity group lines. I’ve tried many things including trying to subtract out the entity lines. Of course maybe I have written my expression incorrectly? The second image just shows my groupings, for what its worth. If it is obvious to you what my problem is … all ears. I desperately need s solution to this ... not sure where to turn. Thanks

    =FORMAT(SUM(Fields!TaxableSales.Value) + SUM(Fields!TaxableFreight.Value) + SUM(Fields!NonTaxableSales.Value) + SUM(Fields!NonTaxableFreight.Value)-  SUM(Fields!TaxableSales.Value,"Fields!EntityName.Value") + SUM(Fields!TaxableFreight.Value,"Fields!EntityName.Value") + SUM(Fields!NonTaxableSales.Value,"Fields!EntityName.Value") + SUM(Fields!NonTaxableFreight.Value,"Fields!EntityName.Value")


    Thanks, Tom

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013 5:25 AM


  • Hi Tom,

    You can refer to the following thread you post and try to use the custom function to get the summary values:



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    Wednesday, February 27, 2013 9:02 AM