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  • Hi again,


    I’m still having problems with the RunningValue when attempting to generate a report that shows Quarterly Amounts and YTD (RunningValue) Amounts for three years in one Department and then going to a second Department to show the same information – but the RunningValue does not reset to zero when a new Department is started.


    In Business Objects I can tell the RunningValue to break on Years and Department.  If I try that in visual Studio my table goes completely out of alignment.


    So I thought of trying a different way to generate the report but I don’t even know if it is possible.  If someone can give me a hint on making it work or just tell me “That is NOT possible.” I would greatly appreciate it.  Here is my new plan:


    Use 3 parameters: Dept1, Dept2 and Dept3.

    Set up the report with the same tables on three different pages (page1, page2 and page3).

    On page1 display the information associated with Dept1 by using a filter on the page to only allow Dept1 information.

    On page2 display the information associated with Dept2 by using a filter on the page to only allow Dept2 information.

    On page3 display the information associated with Dept3 by using a filter on the page to only allow Dept3 information.


    I know it is a VERY weird way of showing the information but the inability of the RunningValue to be reset to zero between Departments has me thinking of VERY WEIRD SOLUTIONS!!


    Can anyone tell me if this is possible – will the filters work? Or is there some other way to distribute the data between pages?


    Any comments – even "You have got to be kidding!!" or "Thanks for the best laugh of the day!" – would be appreciated.


    Thanks in advance,

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