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    I am not from electronics background and have very little knowledge about hardware, chips and processors etc. Thus do not want to get in a situation where "Little knowledge is dangerous". So, thought to share a query that came in my mind, in the hope that I will get some response.

    Suppose I have a C# program (desktop) that interacts with Ms-Access database.


    #1. Is there any possibility that I can get it written onto some microprocessor chip so, that it is available along with the hardware? (if yes) then.
    #2. Do I need to change my program? or I have to do nothing with it and just have to find out the way I can use to write it on the CHIP?
    #3. Does the CHIP provider need to do provide some instructions to me so, that I can follow that to complete this task.

    I believe the program can be written in any language, as per my knowledge utilities, drivers are usually written in C, C++ or VC++ but they are specifically designed to perform a particular task related to controlling hardware. I am looking for something where a business application is written on the hardware chip and can come along with PC.

    I Hope I am not unreasonable!!!!
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  • Microcontrollers don't have nearly the horse power and resources to run a version of the CLR.  I'm not aware of any implementation, beyond the one that runs on smart devices.  Those use at least an ARM processor and hundreds of megabytes of memory.  Please use this forum only to ask questions about the BCL.
    Hans Passant.
    Thursday, September 4, 2008 12:33 AM