•  have Tables and Queues. Is there a way to move the whole thing, or do I have to copy the blobs then recreate the Tables and Queus .I used the AzCopy command to backup a Blob to a another account.  someone pls advive.

    Tuesday, August 25, 2015 5:25 AM


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    1. AzCopy supports copying Blobs from one account to another:

      AzCopy.exe /source: /sourceKey:key1 /dest: /destKey:key2 /s

      AzCopy by default uses server-side asynchronous copy, which doesn't have an SLA on copy speed. If you'd like to achieve consistent copy speed, please consider adding option /SyncCopy to the command line above. For further information of /SyncCopy, please refer to: AzCopy – Introducing synchronous copy and customized content type.

    2. AzCopy supports downloading a Table to local disk and uploading it to another account:

      AzCopy.exe /source: /sourceKey:key1 /dest:d:\localfolder /manifest:yourfilename /splitSize:128
      AzCopy.exe /source:d:\localfolder /dest: /destKey:key2 /manifest:yourfilename /entityOperation:InsertOrReplace

      If you'd like to achieve better table downloading performance and you do know how the partition keys are arranged in your source table, you can specify option /PKRS in the command line to download table.

    3. AzCopy doesn't support copying Queues.

    To download the latest version of AzCopy and find detailed information of AzCopy, please refer to .


    Tuesday, August 25, 2015 6:12 AM