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  •  have Tables and Queues. Is there a way to move the whole thing, or do I have to copy the blobs then recreate the Tables and Queus .I used the AzCopy command to backup a Blob to a another account.  someone pls advive.

    Tuesday, August 25, 2015 5:25 AM


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    1. AzCopy supports copying Blobs from one account to another:

      AzCopy.exe /source:https://youraccount1.blob.core.windows.net/srccontainer /sourceKey:key1 /dest:https://youraccount2.blob.core.windows.net/destcontainer /destKey:key2 /s

      AzCopy by default uses server-side asynchronous copy, which doesn't have an SLA on copy speed. If you'd like to achieve consistent copy speed, please consider adding option /SyncCopy to the command line above. For further information of /SyncCopy, please refer to: AzCopy – Introducing synchronous copy and customized content type.

    2. AzCopy supports downloading a Table to local disk and uploading it to another account:

      AzCopy.exe /source:https://youraccount1.table.core.windows.net/srctable /sourceKey:key1 /dest:d:\localfolder /manifest:yourfilename /splitSize:128
      AzCopy.exe /source:d:\localfolder /dest:https://youraccount2.table.core.windows.net/desttable /destKey:key2 /manifest:yourfilename /entityOperation:InsertOrReplace

      If you'd like to achieve better table downloading performance and you do know how the partition keys are arranged in your source table, you can specify option /PKRS in the command line to download table.

    3. AzCopy doesn't support copying Queues.

    To download the latest version of AzCopy and find detailed information of AzCopy, please refer to http://aka.ms/azcopy .


    Tuesday, August 25, 2015 6:12 AM