Data-Win-Control behavior like FileOpenPicker


  • Hi all, short question with long introduction here, please bear with me.

    I'm creating a data-win-control to show geolocation data. In order to view the data I'm showing a small bing maps control with a pin in the location. But when the user wants to select a different location, I'll open a brand new 'page' with a huge bing maps control in it. After the user selects the location, he can click on an appbarcommand button I have to set location on the first page.

    Keep in mind the (edit) control is in a brand new page, so after selecting the point I'm calling WinJS.Navigation.back() to go to the caller page. I also used a callback to the in the caller page the location set in the control page. The problem is that when I call back() the caller page reloads calling the server again for data replacing the data I've just set.

    So my question is, how can I achieve what I want?

    These are the options I see.

    1) do not 'navigate' to the new control page and use a different approach (if available)

    2) have some way of going back without that meaning reloading the page.

    3) go back, reload the page and all, and have some kind of intelligence to 'save' the data the map just sent to me and show it after everything else loaded.

    I hope I made myself clear. Please don't be afraid of asking for clarification.




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