Access 2010 Front-End. accdb linked to Back-end .accdb with Sharepoint 2007 webpage WEBLINK to Front-end .accdb RRS feed

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  • Access 2010 using .accdb database
    Sharepoint 2007

    I have:

    Access Back-end tables in .accdb database linked to Front-end forms and queries in .accdb database,
    Both .accdb located in same network file server folder.
    Most users have read only permissions in that folder, but some with admin permissions by inheritance.
    Small number of users 5 - 10, occasionally concurrently used, but not heavily.

    Front-end .accdb has all snapshot queries to back-end .accdb except 1 local Front-end table for user options.
    Front-end and Back-end NOT loaded into Sharepoint, NOT a sharepoint list, but
    Front-end is offered to Users as a Sharepoint Intranet department level web link.

    Back-end and Front-end .accdb have the following Access Options / Client settings:
    Default Open mode = Shared
    Default Record Locking = No Locks
    Open Database by using record level locking unchecked

    If two users have the Front-end Read Only .accdb open at the same time,
    by opening them directly from the File Server folder, both open and 1 .laccdb is created.
    The Back-end .laccdb is not created until the first real Data lookup on a Form by either user.

    If two Users try to open the Font-End .accdb database thru the Sharepoint 2007 web link,
    The first User opens the Front-end and the 2nd User receives database is in use and cannot be opened.

    When the first user closes out their Front-end, the 2nd User can now open the Front-end database.
    I noticed a curious artifact that the Fornt-end .laccdb DOES close after the first user gets out,
    but the Back-end .laccdb on the file server remains OPEN or in existance. It does not get deleted.
    I can then open that Back-end .accdb directly and close it, and the .laccdb is removed as expected.

    When I examine the permissions granted on the File Server, using the Microsoft utility compmgmt.msc,
    I see that the permissions granted are Read and Write to all .accdb opened in both cases,
    Even though the Front-end contains all snapshot quieries to the back-end.

    I can understand if the 1 local table might be causing the problem,
    but opening both Front-end clients, not using Sharepoint web link, but from the File Server - works.

    So, does Sharepoint have some permissions or settings that need to be set for multi-user Read Only Front-end?
    No updating or editing is done through Front-End, only web linked through Sharepoint.

    There is one other Administrative update Front-end client that is installed directly on a Secratary's
    PC and no one else can access it. But that Admin Front-end client was and usually is closed.

    Looking for any help to solve this problem.
    (We are upgrading to Sharepoint 2010 but it's not my call when....)

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