TransferDataBase Command With StructureOnly:=True not working RRS feed

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  • I have this code to create a backup of a linked table's structure, but when I run it, it copies the entire table over. Is this a bug or am I just being an idiot and missing something obvious. I'm running Access 2013 and the linked table is in sharepoint online. Can anyone help me fix my code?


    Function CreateTable(sTableName As String, Original_Table As String, MessagePrompt As String)

    MsgBox "The " & MessagePrompt & " table did not exist. It will be created now with only the original table's structure"
    DoCmd.TransferDatabase acExport, "Microsoft Access", CurrentDb.Name, acTable, Original_Table, sTableName, StructureOnly:=True
    DoCmd.SelectObject acTable, sTableName, True
    RunCommand acCmdConvertLinkedTableToLocal
    'SafeGuard for now until i figure out structureonly problem
    DoCmd.RunSQL "DELETE * FROM " & sTableName & ";"

    End Function

    This is my first time programming with vba.

    Thanks in Advance

    Friday, July 31, 2015 8:13 PM