Issue debugging (on emulator) two deployments when they both have port 443 defined as an endpoint. RRS feed

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  • We have a solution with two cloud deployments, Azure tools version 2.7: Deployment A contains two web roles which depend on deployment B for services. Deployment B contains a single web role.

    They are separate deployments because they have different release cycles and different cost centers.

    Deployments A and B both have endpoints mapped to https/443. Deployment A has a wildcard DNS mapping which is emulated on the local network by mapping *.dev to Deployment B has a fixed hostname which is emulated on the local network by mapping to By starting the cloud projects in the correct order we can ensure that the ip addresses are assigned as above.


    The problem arises because the port numbers walk e.g deployment A takes port 443 so deployment B is assigned port > 443 (despite having different ips). The deployments can no longer discover each other. Both deployments are public facing so I am reticent to use non standard https ports and the endpoints are fixed across all cloud configurations e.g they cannot vary based on production vs local configs.

    Ideally for development I would like to map each deployment to its own local "public side" IP explicitly and those IPs would be considered when evaluating port clashes, allowing multiple deployments to use the same port if they are on different IPs. This would have no impact on the private side of the emulated load balancer.

    For the time being we have been using non standard ports on one of the deployments which has allowed us to debug, however, when we deploy we find that many of our clients' corporate firewalls block access to that service which is clearly a show stopper.

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