Trying to identify cause of error in report builder


  • get unhandled exception has occurred in your application ----> Not enough storage is available to process this command.

    this is a limited dataset and a simple select statement.  

    the report has 2 params which one comes from a select statement and the other is a static list

    This report has 2 datasets is all, (one for the param) and the other for the results.

    Server is 2008R2 with SP2.

    This just started happening last week, and of course no one will admit to any potential changes. 

    can someone help me troubleshoot and/or point me in a potentially good direction to look?

    Monday, July 22, 2013 11:17 PM

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  • Hi Richard,

    The error message that you provided is very general. Usually, it could be related to Internet Explorer or .Net Framework or SSRS itself. If you have not installed .Net framework, please download it and install the updates on your pc. To install .Net framework please refer to this link:

    There was a same issue with the different user, now the issue has been resolved for more information please refer to the link:

    Moreover, if you could provide detailed information regarding this issue, we may have more concrete ideas. E.g. the detailed error message and the codes, related system error event, and a screenshot of the error message would be more helpful for us to understande the problem.


    Charlie Liao
    TechNet Community Support

    Thursday, July 25, 2013 8:10 AM
  • This is what we’ve found:

    The problem seemed record count based because of the following:

    SSMS checking

    B341 combinations of 1-4, all returns 00:00:00 and basically instantly.

    1 - 0 rec, 2 - 1404 rec, 3 - 1834 rec, 4 - 0 rec

    B342 combinations of 1-4, all returns 00:00:00 and basically instantly.

    1 - 159 rec, 2 - 2876 rec, 3 - 6162 rec, 4 - 1828 rec

    Only the 0 rec counts were returning a successful Report Builder and Browser report, as well as the small 159 record count set.

    Anytime we used any of the larger sets it failed and produced an error (JIT) in the Report Builder or took an unknown amount of time(a lot) to do anything in browser. (IE and FireFox tested)

    All research on the Internet failed to produce any change, all report datasets were checked in report builder and in SSMS and produced rapid results.  And everything from .Net version to all sorts of SQL server checks, to rebooting the server, to adding Service Pack 2 on that SQL server, to tablix settings on the report itself.  Nothing made any difference, and we were spinning wheels getting nowhere.
    It was indicated we likely had issues with other reports, but other than long run times, I was unable to duplicate an error.  

    Then a co-worker brought up an idea (that I should of thought of) of trying to isolate the report to determine if the problem was report specific or related to a server.  I did this on seperate SSRS instance and had a new clue as to isolating the issue, the error followed the report.

    I then went further, and isolated the grouping of the report (inside the report itself), which was set on every field from a MS wizard to a grouping column.

    Notice the following changes I made in the groupings and tested.

    (put http:// in front of the below links to make them work correctly)

    4th grouping ->

    3rd grouping ->

    2nd grouping -> 

    1st grouping - > just a minor few off original, not worth viewing

    All failed in the same exact pattern as before EXCEPT #4, which failed on the 1834 record set but didn’t fail on the 1404 recordset.   Ah-ha!  Noticed here that the isolated SSRS was faster than the original, maybe indicating adding more resources to this server might be effective in helping this problem.

    Also, this indicates that the grouping, and/or something in Report builder is going haywire with the grouping.

    I had him (the report builder) rebuild the report using the same methods and wizards to see if it was something that went wonky in the report itself, or was duplicatable.   It occured again.

    Is there some sort of limit to the grouping in Report Builder that could cause it to get out of wack and cause issue?

    Thursday, July 25, 2013 9:36 PM