Windows Phone 7.5 - Bing maps SOAP Search Service RRS feed

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  • I develop app for OS WP 7.5. My problem is, I use Bing SOAP Search Service for finding location.

    private SearchRequest CreateSearchRequest(string query)
    			return new SearchRequest
    			       		Credentials = new Credentials{ApplicationId = _applicationId},
    						ExecutionOptions = new ExecutionOptions{SuppressFaults = true},
    						Query = query,
    						SearchOptions = new SearchOptions{ Count = 5}

    I set query = "galvaniho 17". After I created the request, used SearchAsync(request). But in return value e.SearchResults.Results was 0. I don't know why it didn't find any location/s. Could you help me? I tried to search this query on bing maps website, but unsuccessfull. It seems, Bing Search Service is not good for this purpose.

    Wednesday, February 27, 2013 8:53 PM