VBSQL.OCX is failing while loading flat file data (text file data) RRS feed

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  • Our application is using VBSQL.OCX on Sql server 2000 to create temporary tables and load pipe delimited data from a text file with predefined format into the tables. It is failing intermittently doing this. 99% times it works perfectly. But on occasions it does fail with error. Once the process is rerun with the same input file it runs successfully.

    Basically the architecture is of Store/Head Office where there are around 200 remote stores sending set of data files to the Head Office. At HO our application sequentially processes each store which has all the set of files received, creates a corresponding table, loads the data from the file into the table and moves onto the next store.

    If it is for some reason not able to load the file for a store, it gives a failure message and continues with next store.

    Error which the OCX throws is

    "Attempt to convert data stopped by syntax error in source field"

    Could anybody please advise.
    Thursday, October 15, 2009 12:43 PM