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  • Our application has been online for several months (since Jan-12), and we haven't had any problems with the Bing Maps control until now.  For a day or two now, our map has not been sizing correctly.  Now, it is only filling ~1/10 of the width of the area.  It is the correct height however.

    An example of the problem can be seen on our live site here: https://thenewtonproject.com/Home/Impact

    The map is supposed to be the full size of the #map div.  Inspecting the element with the IE Dev tools shows that the div is full size of the page container, however the map is no longer matching that size.

    Any suggestions or known bugs currently?

    Friday, July 27, 2012 11:33 PM


  • I wanted to post that I was able to fix the problem on our side.  In our site CSS since February, we have had a .medium class defined, with a restricted width on it for a form in our cart.  The maps worked fine up until a few days ago, when the width was now limited.  After inspecting the injected HTML of the div, it appears a CSS class with the same name has been applied to it.  After applying a more direct filter to our CSS definitions to restrict it to the page it is used on, the map appears correct now. 

    I don't know when this happened for sure, but I do know that our maps worked up until at least a week ago, and the first report of the problem was just a couple days ago. 

    Did MS update the map control code at all in the past few days?  I find it very odd that this happened without any communication from MS.


    Sunday, July 29, 2012 12:16 AM