Licensing sideloaded LOB apps


  • I regular get a request from customers who are using my Windows Store app (for example schools, but also businesses), that they want to be able to sideload the app for x number of devices. In order to commercialize the app, I want to get paid per installation. Is there some solution (maybe a third party commerce platform) where I can register that an organization wants to buy x licenses for a fixed price, and where the solution keeps track of on how many devices the app has been installed.

    The Windows Store does not support this scenario, because if an app is sideloaded, one can not do an in-app purchase because it doesn't have a link with the Windows Store. And even if that is possible, the user has to have his or her own payment method/creditcard instead of billing the organization.

    Any suggestions are welcome!



    Thursday, September 11, 2014 1:11 PM


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