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  • I am working on a HIPAA 5010 migration project where I have to create a 834 transaction.

    This 834 transaction will consist of all the members for a specific sponsor.

    Target - I need to create one single interchange (ISA) that will consist of around 20,000 Transaction Sets (ST/SE). Moreover, the transaction sets need to be grouped under functional groups (GS/GE) in a way such that all the members of one family come under one single functional group (GS/GE).

    Solution Approach - I am trying to use Sterling Integrator and Map editor to build this solution. As an input, I have one big flat file (positional) that has all those membership data. Currently there is no header or footer record. And each line on the file represents a member record that will eventually become one  Transaction Set (ST/SE).

    I have build a flat file schema for this file and then I have created a map which maps this schema to HIPAA 5010 834 schema.

    I have created an ochestration that receives this file through a custom pipeline having a flatfile deassembler, applies the map and then spits out the corresponding EDI data through a custom pipeline having a EDI Assembler.

    Problem -For each record in the Flat file a new EDI file is created. I need to batch them in one single interchange meeting all the goals as described in the Target section above.

    Can you help me out on a high level design solution for tis problem

    Vijay Patel

    Thursday, August 15, 2013 5:41 PM


  • "Sterling Integrator" - Can you describe exactly how this fits into the solution?  You don't need any other tool beyond what included in BizTalk Server to work with EDI files.

    Also, I'd advise you double and triple check those requirements.  20,000 ST/SE is as substantial amount and beyond what the Implementation Guides recommend (at least the used to).  Also, every companion guide I can recall set's a much lower limit for it's receiver.

    Finally, the 834 is designed for multiple Member records with the recommendation that the Subscriber be first so make sure the req isn't for one 834 per Subscriber, with the Dependents therein.  In other words, one ST/SE per family.  It's a highly unusual practice to include multiple FG's of the same group type.

    Having said all that, what you're asking for is not automatically handled by the Batching Service.  You will have to sort and group the transactions on your own and build an x12 Interchange message yourself if you really have to meet all those requirements.

    If it's really one ST per family, the solution is simpler by a factor of like 10.

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    Thursday, August 15, 2013 6:37 PM