How does runtime locates a workflow's assembly??? RRS feed

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    I have been doing some experiments here and dont quite understand the runtime's behavior when it comes to locating assembly(s) for a workflow it is asked to Start.

    My test app dynamically composes a WF, compiles it into an DLL and stores the DLL in a subfolder called 'TempWorkflows' in the application's base directory. It then attempts to start the workflow by passing in the (composed) workflow's type to WorkflowRuntime.StartWorkflow(...). Note that the type was obtained by doing an Assembly.LoadFile and then a GetType on the loaded assembly.

    In my test application's config I have specified the probing element to point to the 'TempWorkflows' subfolder where the workflow assembly is located.

    However, it throws an exception complaining it cannot find the assembly (for the WF in question) or one of its dependencies. I eliminated missing dependencies as being the cause - they are in the GAC (and some other tests). Meaning if I start storing the composed workflow assembly in the application's base folder (w/o touching the dependent assemblies) everything starts working fine.

    Can someone pl shed some light on why WF runtime is having difficulting locating my WF assembly?




    Thursday, December 29, 2005 9:51 PM