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    Welcome to the Windows Error Reporting for ISVs forum. Our goal is to assist

    Independent Software Vendors find and correct application faults. Please ask

    any questions you may have about error collection (user- & kernel-mode) and

    reporting via the http://winqual.microsoft.com site. New features and site

    updates will also be announced here.


    Not currently using Winqual? Here are 5 reasons to start now:


    1.    Find out which faults are affecting your users most.

    2.    Automatically collect crash dumps from users.

    3.    Direct users to updates when they have an error.

    4.    Discover which OS Versions or Locales are most likely to manifest an error.

    5.    Find fast-growing new faults quickly.



    -The Winqual Team.

    Friday, March 30, 2007 10:05 AM