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  • Hello and thank you for allowing riffraff like me into the circle.  LOL

    I use MS Project and the visual reports templates they provide... sort of.

    Usually I select fields I want, expand to lowest level of the first field (It is the task field, from MS Project).

    As expected the Excel pivot tables do not expand to all unless I set the template as such, but even if i did, there is the chance in Project a new parent child set of tasks could be addded, in which case they are not set in the in the original Template to be expanded.  The real problem is if I wan to use the same template across many different project files, with many different outline level.

    What I need, and can't figure out through my basic hacking/hokey programming, is how to "expand to" the lowest level of the pivot field in the row position.  Basically, the field furthest to the left.  I don't need to find the lowest level value since I can use Projects Outline level to return the max value for that. What I need help with is expanding the field to said level... without looping through each line since some of the scheds are rather large.

    sorry my first post is all about helping me.  I promise to participate but i am sure there are many brighter bukbs in this space.

    thanks all

    Bayou Mike

    Thursday, March 7, 2019 8:45 PM