Unwanted whitespace in drill-down matrix report RRS feed

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  • Is it possible to really hide (=not reserve space for) hidden drill-down-Matrix columns whose visibility is toggled by another report item?

    We have built a SSRS 2000-report using the Matrix control and its drill-down functionality, and noticed that the hidden columns still take up space in the report layout.

    I've read somewhere in the documentation that the layout engine treats hidden elements as being not there only if the hidden property is a constant. If it is an expression, or its visibility is controlled by another report item, space is reserves in the layout even for hidden items.

    Now the obvious question; Is it somehow possible to avoid this? The resulting whitespace between the first (visible) column and the actual data, due to the space reserved for the hidden columns, makes the report ugly (if not all columns are made visible). In some cases most of the actual data is pushed onto another page, even though it would have fit nicely if hidden columns hadn't taken up space. A long report is several times longer than necessary because only small amounts of data fit on each page, with massive amounts of whitespace wasting paper.

    I'd rather not have to build separate reports, one for each additionally visible level, because of this.


    Wednesday, October 4, 2006 1:01 PM