Best design of a WCF Web Service to communicate with network appliance over limited TCP/IP sockets. RRS feed

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  • The purpose of the WCF Web Service being written is to facilitate client requests to a network appliance which supports a maximum of 64 concurrent TCP/IP connections simultaneously. What would be the recommended WCF solution to support multiple client requests to a limited resource (in this case the 64 TCP/IP connections). Can this be accomplished without a queuing type design? I'm not so familiar with all of the different ways of configuring a WCF Web Service, so I'm wondering whether their is some way of configuring the WCF service such that client calls are done in a FIFO order? Any other suggestions? 
    Sunday, February 7, 2016 9:36 PM


  • WCF has various service types with a Web service over HTtP just being one of them.

    It could be WCF service over TCP/IP aka .NET Remoting  with the WCF service running on a machine exposed to the internet hosted by a Windows service or self hosting exe WCF service running on a machine.

    You could with the above type of service have MSMQ queues active on the machine and the WCF service dumping info into the MSMQ queues. Then you can have another program Windows service or console application or even another WCF service using MSMQ processing the MSMQ queues sending the information to this appliance.

    It's just FYI.

    Sunday, February 7, 2016 10:02 PM