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  • Good day!

    I need to develop a database that allows for managers to set statewide goals for approximately 23 different "outputs". Then each statewide goal is broken down into six regions for each of the 23 outputs.  Then each regional goal is broken down into either 9 or 10 individual inspectors for each of the 23 outputs.

    So, Department heads will set statewide goals, then managers set the regional goals and then supervisors set the individual inspectors goals.

    Part II --

    Inspectors will input their outputs into a table/database and it needs to show them how many outputs are "left/needed" to meet their goal.

    Of course, supervisors will want to be able to run date range reports by individuals; by region...

    Department heads and Managers will want reports that simply measure % of goals complete.

    I've "played" with a couple of simple designs trying to just get a handle on what I need with little success - (and I've never played with any kind of cross-tabulation in Access -


    *Forgot to mention - this goal setting will need to be performed annually. Would like to keep historical goals and performance, too.
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  • Hi Joegator,

    I understand that there are 3 type of users in your database and each user have different privileges, roles, goals.

    so here I assume that you had created a separate login and interface for each user and allowing them to access only limited data as per their roles in the system.

    so here I suggest you create a individual reports for each user.'

    like inspector needs to generate reports daily to meet his target.

    Manager can see the weekly or monthly reports.

    and Department heads can see the reports quarterly , six months or yearly.

    if you create individual reports for each users then it will be little simple.

    you can also try to create a common report for all Users and at the time of loading the report you need to check which type of User is trying to accessing the Report and based on that you can display a specific data to them.

    for that you need to play with code.

    other thing you had mentioned that ,"Inspectors will input their outputs into a table/database and it needs to show them how many outputs are "left/needed" to meet their goal."

    for that you need to perform calculations and first you need to set the goal for the inspectors. then you need to count how much work completed from the data inputted by the inspector and subtract that data from the goal. so will get the amount of work to be needed to meet the goal.



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