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  • As one might safely assume from my "Title", I feel that I have a concern regarding my unique identity with the Forum.  PROVIDE DETAIL:  It would take me forever and then some, to provide you with all of the details concerning my situation.  Let us say that I began communicating with Forum Personnel early this year.  Late January, or early February 2011.  I advised them of a "GLITCH" in their system.  I made them aware that they had two (2) Users with names similar, but DIFFERENT.  I was "signed-in" to the Forum as FOLSOM(som), with my unique Hotmail Address and Password.  The "GLITCH" indicated that a User with the name of FOLSUM(sum), was in the system.  Since I have asked to be notified by e-mail when activity occurs, I get FOLSUM(sum)'s, and my notifications.  No one but me appears to be bothered by the fact that an entity of a billion dollar organization isn"t concerned by the "small stuff". 

    It would be nice if someone would "fix" this on that end.  I should not have to be the one to do it.  I found the problem, and I did make someone aware of it.

    OH!!  Check it Out!!!   There are even two (2) Avatars for us.

    I still want my e-mail, but not any for FOLSUM(sum). 



    Windy Whistler
    Tuesday, April 5, 2011 5:41 PM