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  • The SQL jobs i created on the master server has no errors but it is not showing in target server. When I checked it shows the Target Server Status as Normal|Blocked.

    Below are base from SQL server error logs:

    03/09/2017 07:35:31,,Error,[291] An unresolved problem exists with the download instructions (sysdownloadlist) for target server 'AWSWNDVDB98\OLTP14EETST01' at MSX 'AWSWNDVDB99\OLTP14EETST01'
    03/09/2017 07:35:29,,Information,[400] Connection re-established with MSX 'AWSWNDVDB99\OLTP14EETST01'
    03/09/2017 07:34:22,,Error,[338] Unable to connect to MSX 'AWSWNDVDB99\OLTP14EETST01'
    03/09/2017 07:34:22,,Error,[298] SQLServer Error: 65535<c/> A network-related or instance-specific error has occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. Server is not found or not accessible. Check if instance name is correct and if SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. For more information see SQL Server Books Online. [SQLSTATE 08001]
    03/09/2017 07:34:22,,Error,[165] ODBC Error: 0<c/> Login timeout expired [SQLSTATE HYT00]
    03/09/2017 07:34:22,,Error,[298] SQLServer Error: 65535<c/> SQL Server Network Interfaces: Error Locating Server/Instance Specified [xFFFFFFFF]. [SQLSTATE 08001]
    03/09/2017 07:32:21,,Warning,[113] Loading 1 previously cached operations from file c:\oltp14eetst01\sqldata\mssql12.oltp14eetst01\mssql\jobs\tsxcache.bin
    03/09/2017 07:32:21,,Warning,[396] An idle CPU condition has not been defined - OnIdle job schedules will have no effect
    03/09/2017 07:32:21,,Warning,[475] Database Mail is not enabled for agent notifications.
    03/09/2017 07:32:21,,Information,[129] SQLAgent$OLTP14EETST01 starting under Windows NT service control
    03/09/2017 07:32:19,,Information,[432] There are 13 subsystems in the subsystems cache
    03/09/2017 07:32:18,,Information,[339] Local computer is AWSWNDVDB98 running Windows NT 6.2 (9200)
    03/09/2017 07:32:18,,Information,[310] 2 processor(s) and 4096 MB RAM detected
    03/09/2017 07:32:18,,Information,[103] NetLib being used by driver is DBNETLIB; Local host server is AWSWNDVDB98\OLTP14EETST01
    03/09/2017 07:32:18,,Information,[102] SQL Server ODBC driver version 11.00.2100
    03/09/2017 07:32:18,,Information,[101] SQL Server AWSWNDVDB98\OLTP14EETST01 version 12.00.2000 (0 connection limit)
    03/09/2017 07:32:17,,Information,[000]
    03/09/2017 07:32:14,,Information,[393] Waiting for SQL Server to recover database 'msdb'...
    03/09/2017 07:31:51,,Information,[495] The SQL Server Agent startup service account is PROD\svc_dev_aws_sql1.
    03/09/2017 07:31:51,,Information,[100] Microsoft SQLServerAgent version 12.0.2000.8 (X64 unicode retail build) : Process ID 2980

    Monday, March 13, 2017 3:06 AM