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    I compiled an Open Source Product (Apache QPID 0.20) on my Windows 7 Professional x64 (SP1) Developer Machine and now i tried to deploy it on a Windows Server 2008 (not R2!), also x64. But when I start QPID (on the server), I get the following error: "No such interface supported". I found out, tha it uses the "msado15.dll" to interact with a MS-SQL Database. Unfortunately there is a higher Version of this ADO-Package installed on my Developer Machine than on the Server (Developer Machine: Assembly Version 6.1.7601.17857, Windows Server 2008: Assembly Version 6.0.6002.18644). I searched for an Update to bring the ADO-dll's to a higher version, but only found one for Server 2008 R2 with KB2640696 (unfortunately I can't post hyperlinks, I'm sorry). I tried to install that update on the Server 2008, but it told me that "The update does not apply to your system". Seems clear.

    My question now is: Is there also an Update for Server 2008, or do I have to install an instance of Server 2008 R2 to install that update?

    Best Regards

    Peter Wurzinger

    Thursday, February 21, 2013 10:04 AM