Trying to get through Cerification SDK and it is having issues with CreateJS libraries


  • Finally finished programming and testing my game, and ran through the build for the Store. Everything built fine with no errors or warnings. I then ran the Certification SDK, and I am getting two failures and a warning. The failures are due to the CreateJS library that are in several of Chris Bowen and other's examples, so I'm a little surprised that this is an issue. Specifically I am getting:

    preloadjs-NEXT.min.js has JavaScript syntax or other problems
    easeljs-0.5.0.min.js has JavaScript syntax or other problems


    easeljs-0.5.0.min.js is not properly UTF-8 encoded. Re-save the file as UTF-8 (including Byte Order Mark)
    preloadjs-NEXT.min.js is not properly UTF-8 encoded. Re-save the file as UTF-8 (including Byte Order Mark)

    Has anyone else run into this? Any way to make this work? Given that I don't control the libraries, I'm feeling like I might have been led down a bad road. Help?!?

    Saturday, December 22, 2012 7:31 PM


  • Hi EwanG,

    The Windows Store javascript app requires that all the script files used in the app be encoded as UTF-8 charset. Normally, if you create js files through Visual Studio 2012 IDE, it should have helped you ensured the charset/encoding. In your case, since you direclty import some existing minified js files form external libraries. It is possible that those files are not properly encoded with UTF-8 charset. So you can just check the charset/encoding of the following files mentioned by the error message:

    • easeljs-0.5.0.min.js
    • preloadjs-NEXT.min.js

    To verify and ensure the charset/encoding, you can open the script file through notepad.exe. Then, choose "File -> Save As ..." menu. In the launched "Save As" dialog, there is a "Encoding:" dropdowd list at bottom. Check whether the default value (shown in the dropdown) is "UTF-8", if not, change it to "UTF-8" and save the file(replace the original one). You can also do this for all other js files which is externally imported (in case you add new ones later). After finish such check and replacement, redo the certification test to see if it helps.

    BTW, the following book (about programming Windows Store app with HTML5 and javascript) is very good and it has also mentioned something on the app publishing and certification checking.

    #Free ebook: Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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    Monday, December 24, 2012 6:08 AM