background color problem on Parameter to Select Multiple Values in a List using report viewer control in website


  • Hi, recently I confronted a UI problem related to background color of Parameter to Select Multiple Values in a List.

    In report server, background color of "Parameter to Select Multiple Values in a List" is white.

    In contrast, if I embed the same report  in page using report viewer control, background color of Parameter to select Multiple Values in a List is changed to dark grey.

    Does anyone know the possibilities why it happens and how to solve it? Many thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Souyang, 

    I know this is an old post, but here is a solution anyway.  We've seen this same problem when developing pages with the Microsoft SQL Server 2010 Report Viewer.  The font color displayed in the Multi-select parameters adopts the value assigned to ForeColor in the ReportViewer.  Make sure that the value that you assign to the ForeColor parameter in the ReportViewer is set to a color that is not White in order to see the values available in your multi-select parameter.


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