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    We are developping a prototype USB two microphone array based on the MicArrays_guide.doc (http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/audio/MicArrays_guide.mspx). We are stuck with an error when testing our solution using the microphone array verification utility (http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/audio/micarray_tool.mspx). The utility is failing due to "Invalid microphone array geometry descriptor". Our geometry doesn't seem to be out of the ordinary (see test output below), but we are wondering if there are other constraints that we're unaware of. Also, under what circumstances might the microphone array verification utility output "Invalid microphone array geometry descriptor"? Is it possible that it's not actually an issue with the geometry, but some other conflict with the descriptors?

    Microsoft (R) Microphone Array Test Tool Version 1.00

    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Your system is Windows Vista  build 6.1.7600

    System has totally 1 capture devices
    Device 0: Microphone Array (2- MIC-TESTER)
    Select device: 0

    Device ID: {}.{7907eb35-5ac9-435e-ba9e-9d0bc412b4da}

    Audio Client API Compliance Test PASSED.

    Capture Endpoint Format:
        wFormatTag          = WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE
        SubFormat           = WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT
        nChannel            = 2
        nSamplesPerSec      = 16000
        wBitsPerSample      = 32
        wValidBitsPerSample = 32
        dwChannelMask       = 3

    Microphone Array Geometry Descriptor:
        MicArray Type             =   1
        Mic frequency response    = 200 ~ 7000 (Hz)
        Horizontal working range  = -50 ~ 50 (degree)
        Vertical working range    = -60 ~ 60 (degree)
        Number of mics            =   2
          Mic0: Type=0, X=0, Y=-34, Z=0, H-A=0, V-A=0
          Mic1: Type=0, X=0, Y=34, Z=0, H-A=0, V-A=0

    Invalid microphone array geometry descriptor
    MicArray Format Compliance Test FAILED.

    Thanks, Neal

    Monday, January 31, 2011 6:21 PM