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    How in C#/.NET can one get a 100% full list of every single policy on or off for a computer or user.
    To clarify, we are seeling to get similar information that "gpresult" can do as such:

     - - "gpresult /Scope User /v"
     - - "gpresult /Scope User /z"
     - - "gpresult /Scope Computer /v"
     - - "gpresult /Scope Computer /z"

    The tiwst to gpresult, is that we want the 100% full-list of EVERY SINGLE policy, whether applied or not;
    to a given user, the current user, a given computer, and the current computer.

    The list should return every single possible GPO policy, by user-readable-text, as similar to such GPO's
    as shown here:  https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb457149.aspx

    Example: the GPO setting for "Windows Firewall: Allow remote administration exception" should return:

    User X ==> Windows Firewall: Allow remote administration exception ==> Set to DISABLED.
    Computer Y ==> Windows Firewall: Allow remote administration exception ==> Set to ENABLED.

    The absolute key to this issue is to get the 100% full-list, and not leave any GPO setting out, even if not applied.
    When running the "gpresult", for example, it will not return any of the GPO Fire-Wall settings in that link above.

    Monday, October 5, 2015 10:12 PM