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  • We have a distribution email address that is used to submit client requests. That Distribution List (DL) address cannot respond - it's pure function is to distribute the email to various entities. We have a need to respond to the original sender of the email with an auto-response template. In order to accomplish this, we have someone on the distro set up a rule that when they receive an email that is sent TO the DL, they will auto respond. The problem is, the rule is not firing. We've used the "have server reply with a specific message" rule when "sent to people or public group" and entered in the DL address. The rule saves with no errors, but never sends the email. We have confirmed that this rule is allowed on our exchange server because if we update the rule to say "where my name is in the To box" or have it set for every message recieved, it works just fine. It's only when the TO email address in the email received is different than the address we need to send the auto reply.

    Is there a setting or rule that elsewhere that I need to update to enable my email to respond to an email that comes in that is TO someone else? (PS out of office rules do not work either, nor do they send the response every time.)

    Thursday, November 21, 2013 2:22 AM


  • The problem is the Auto Reply function has been tied to the out-of-office notifications

    When setting up the distribution group on Exchange you must go to the properties window and select the advanced tab.

    On the advanced tab, there is a box you can check to "Send out-of-office message to originator".

    Even though the Reply using a specific message function and the out-of-office notification are separate functions they are treated as the same by the exchange server.

    Anyway please go to technet forum since this MSDN forum is for developers(VBA or something).

    Monday, November 25, 2013 2:30 AM