What is a good way to do remote configuration for an application running on an xp embedded computer? RRS feed

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  • My project has to use .Net 2.0 and c# running on an xp embedded system with a 1/4 vga touch screen (no mouse, keyboard) that is attached to an RS-232 / CANBus network of node sensors.  From a desktop windows computer (laptop) a windows configuration application is required to use a custom winforms grid that is filled out for configuring the sensor nodes with various parameters.  My questions are about the connection and configuration program that I am working on that will be used to go a local LAN cross over cable connection between the xp embedded computer to the windows computer (laptop).  I tried named pipes but couldn't get my implementation to work from machine to machine although it worked on the same machine name,  so I'm currently running UDP sockets and more of chat type communicaiton senario between the 2 computers.  At some further date out I may be on a TCP/IP connection and remotely doing the interaction with the XP embedded computer on the internet but not currently.   

    The configuration process seem like it needs to be a 2 step process as each sensor has to be found and there are several hundred of them and then the configuration information which is serialized/deserialized XML file is sent to the XP embedded machine to allow for alarm scanning mode.

    Is there any other approaches I should consider such as web services, remoting or something else besides that to handle the interactive nature of the remote configuration from laptop configuration and why? 


    Thursday, April 23, 2009 5:47 PM