AjaxFileUplaod control not uploading files due to { and } characters present in the ContextKey parameter RRS feed

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    We are using AjaxControlToolkit 4.1 version from past 4 years. We are uploading files using ajaxfileupload control. When we upload files the request will got to Apache Tomcat server with the application URL and by default adding two parameters in the query string contextkey and guid automatically.

    For example the url will look like this:

    The two parameters in the URL ContextKey and guid is automatically appended by ajax and the request is sent. The user can't see contextkey={DA8BEDC8-B952-4d5d-8CC2-59FE922E2923}&guid=B943E2E3-A536-80BC-F364-E5C39377704A in the URL. The above URL mentioned in the example is given by the server team. They are telling to encode the { and } and send it but i am not sure how to do that..

    When i Check AjaxFileUpload.cs page there is one line
    internal const string ContextKey = "{DA8BEDC8-B952-4d5d-8CC2-59FE922E2923}";
    Can i know what does this mean and whether the above constant can be without { and }

    Now the problem is they (server team) is telling they won't accept { and } characters. The files are not getting uploaded.

    Can you please help me as this is very urgent for me to fix it.


    Can i have the AjaxControlToolkit 4.1 version code so that i can remove { and } in the const ContextKey and rebuild the code and use that updated dll so that the { and } characters will not be available in the ContextKey param value.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Wednesday, February 21, 2018 9:54 AM

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