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    My publication database is mirrored, the Log Reader Agent can only replicate log records that have been hardened in the log on the mirror server (the process in which the mirror server writes a transaction log record to the transaction log file is termed hardening the log). This means I cannot replicate log records with a Log Sequence Number (LSN) that is higher than the LSN of the last log record that was hardened on the mirror.


    Principal:    srv-a

    Mirror:       srv-b

    Witness:    srv-c

    Distributer: srv-d

    Subscriber: srv-e

    -- Mirroring Mode: High Availability

    -- I set the -T1448 parameter into my service start up & set the -PublisherFailoverPartner value for agent profile.


    Q: srv-a is principal & srv-b is Mirror -> I fail srv-b and after that, Replication works fine (srv-e receives the changes) and when srv-b is online again, it will be sync (everything is OK)

    BUT -> if I fail the srv-a (Principal), srv-b will be as Principal but don't send anything to srv-e (Subscriber) until srv-a be online (so as Mirror).

    It's a BIG BUG if it's impossible for sql server 2008.... I know the reason in case that i didn't set the 1448...

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  • Please check this might give some guidance to resolve the issue http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms151799.aspx
    Monday, March 28, 2011 11:33 AM