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  • This is a machine (the HTPC) that has a Athlon X2 2.0ghz cpu, 1gb of ram, Windows 7, Nvidia 8600 GTS sending a 1080i signal to a LCD TV.

    The problem with the video play back is that the motion isn't smooth, it kinda stutters randomly, especially during scene panning.

    This system plays flash video, and x264 1080P files just fine with no problems with motion.

    On another machine, a Thinkpad T43, I noticed that frames are tearing, like in a video game with vertical sync disabled.

    On the Thinkpad T60 it seem to play a little better, but in comparing the same video I can still see problems in the motion not being smooth.

    On the HTPC i think the issue is kind exagerrated by the i in the 1080.

    The interesting thing is that i did a recent change to the HTPC. I changed the motherboard out, upgraded to Windows 7 from XP, and went from an ATI X1500 to a Nvidia 8600 GTS.

    Before that change netflix seemed to play perfectly (though flash video did not). I'm not sure if it was 7 or the Nvidia card that made the difference. Though I have had problems with smooth video playback when going to 7 before (hence why i was still on XP) but the previous mobo was causing some strange problems.

    In the end, is there something weird with silverlight at the current version? Is there a different source i can use to test playback performance?

    I may try the ATI card again as I have learned that ATI tends to be higher quality in some areas.

    Friday, January 14, 2011 7:43 PM