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    hi, When activating the first portal menu item with OpenWave 7 simulator i get sub items repeated twice. I was wondering why i've got this specific behaviour for the only first item. It's probably related to wml/simulator but i did not manage to find out why... Thanks for your help, Pascal
    Monday, February 14, 2005 3:11 AM

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  • User-796147006 posted
    After a while i find out a solution... In the Portal Starter Kit Delphi translation, with WAP / WMLadapter access, the "On_TabActivate" event is fired twice for the first menu item. Without "OnTabActivate="TabView_OnTabActivate" (1) it is fired once... Why this item' event is fired twice with (1) and fired once without delegate/event handler assignement ? Thanks. Pascal procedure TWebFormMobileDefault.internalTabViewTabActivate(sender : System.object;e: system.EventArgs); //****************************************************** // TabView_OnActivate Event Handler //****************************************************** var ps: PortalSettings; tabIndex,tabID : integer; begin // Obtain PortalSettings from Current Context ps:= PortalSettings(HttpContext.Current.Items['PortalSettings']); tabIndex := TabView.ActivePaneIndex; tabID := TabStripDetails(ps.MobileTabs[tabIndex]).TabId; // ??????????????? if WML and TabIndex=0 then exit ????????????????????????????? if Assigned(WmlTabbedPanelAdapter(TabView.Adapter)) and (TabIndex=0) then exit; .... .... ....
    Monday, March 7, 2005 10:11 AM