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  • I have implemented the simple filter as in this thread --> Simple Filter . I have it working fine on a couple of lists, but for some reason it is not working on a third list. The only real difference between the list that it doesn't work on and the other two is that this list has about 1100 items in it where the others have less then 300 items. Could this be a performance issue or a limitation of this? I have gone over every piece of the process and I am doing it precisely the way I have done it on the other lists.

    The problem is when the page is redirected to the Filter.aspx page, there are no items showing up on a search term that should show results. In fact searching for the same term with the OOTB search function actually results in items so I know that it is not an indexing issue. Any insight on this would be appreciated.

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  • you have to override the throttling for the list , you can use ps to do that

    function DisableListthrottling
    [parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=0)]
    [string] $webUrl,
    [parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=1)]
    [string] $listName
    $web = Get-SPWeb $webUrl
    $web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = $true
    $list = $web.Lists[$listName]
    $list.enablethrottling = $false
    Write-Host "Throttling has been disabled on list " $webUrl $listName


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