Help with the argument data format of RasEapGetIdentity() RRS feed

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  • What is the data format for the argument (the third from the last)   OUT BYTE** ppUserDataOut; Is there a struct defined so that you can simply cast to? I can't find any information from Microsoft's documentation.

    This will be for the WPA2 EAP_PEAP case.

    DWORD RasEapGetIdentity(IN DWORD             dwEapTypeId,
                                                    IN HWND                hwndParent,
                                                    IN DWORD             dwFlags,
                                                    IN const WCHAR*  pwszPhonebook,
                                                    IN const WCHAR*  pwszEntry,
                                                    IN BYTE*                pConnectionDataIn,
                                                    IN DWORD             dwSizeOfConnectionDataIn,
                                                    IN BYTE*            pUserDataIn,
                                                    IN DWORD         dwSizeOfUserDataIn,
                                                    OUT BYTE**       ppUserDataOut,
                                                    OUT DWORD*    pdwSizeOfUserDataOut,
                                                    OUT WCHAR**  ppwszIdentity


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