My application responds very slowly in IE 9.0.15 but works perfectly fine in IE 9.0.17. RRS feed

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  • My application responds very slowly in IE 9.0.15 but works perfectly fine in IE 9.0.17. We are on the verge of postponing our release due to this. We had no luck after 50 hours of struggle. We used dynatrace but it could only tell that the rendering is taking huge amount of time in .15. An example of slowness is when you type in something in a textbox, the text takes around 3-4 seconds to appear. When you click on a date picker, it takes around 5-6 seconds to appear. Our app is based on dojo 1.5. Please help!

    unfortunately, i cant provide the link to the application due to security reasons. I havent tried in .16 version.

    Otherwise, if you could tell what changed from .15 to .17, we can get a direction.



    Monday, June 17, 2013 5:13 AM


  • Hi,

    the first step in troubleshooting Ie issues is to test in noaddons mode. Slow typing in input fields is associated with addons.

    Without a link that's about all there is we could recommend.

    f12>Script tab, click "Start Debugging" or Profile tab, click "Start"


    Networking tab, click "Start Capture"

    At the top of this forum you will find links to the documentation. As far as I know there is no breakout of what was added in which version update.... The sub-version numbers in the IE version vector are for use with customized installations with IEAK.

    Amongst other recommendations in the documentation, you should avoid using userAgent sniffing and use feature testing instead. You should not be coding for browser versions.

    Since you can not have the same IE versions installed on the same machine with the exact same configuration it is more than likely that your issue is not IE version related but settings or addons related. Ensure both test machines are up to date and that IE is configured with the same settings in both... Use the Default Security zone settings (click "Reset all zones to default") and always include noAddons mode in your testing cycle.

    The SDLC for IE versions (for IE9 and lower) maintains security kill bits only.... Generally there are no updates to the core rendering and script engines.



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