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  • I am working on app in Angular that is using the Azure Media Player. This app will contain archived content as well as occasional live streams. When our admins "go live", I have the player switch to a live stream that is coming from their mobile device. The device goes to Azure Media services as a live event.

    All of that works well. The issue I have is when I start the live stream, it appears to work well...but I will get errors in the console. 

    I get several errors like this. Eventually they will stop emitting after a couple mins. I just don't know why they are happening or how to handle them. I have tried using SmoothStream, Dash, and HLS...I get similar issues for each.

    Ideally, I would prefer to not have the DVR type of functionality. Id rather it have a straight stream since there will be a chat feed that goes along with it. If I have a DVR type of feature, the timing of video content and everything will be off. This is similar to facebook live but probably not as robust.

    I'm not much of a front-end developer so there is probably something I am missing. Thanks for your help.

    zone.js:3372 GET https://abc123-use2.streaming.media.azure.net/21256d4b-9116-4189-bb87-96b15d759102/TheRoundTable-output.ism/QualityLevels(3000000)/Fragments(video=60696990,format=mpd-time-csf) 412
    scheduleTask @ zone.js:3372
    push../node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js.ZoneDelegate.scheduleTask @ zone.js:410
    push../node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js.Zone.scheduleTask @ zone.js:238
    push../node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js.Zone.scheduleMacroTask @ zone.js:261
    scheduleMacroTaskWithCurrentZone @ zone.js:1194
    (anonymous) @ zone.js:3405
    proto.<computed> @ zone.js:1518
    a.send @ azuremediaplayer.min.js:14
    i @ azuremediaplayer.min.js:10
    (anonymous) @ azuremediaplayer.min.js:10
    ZoneAwarePromise @ zone.js:931
    b.onGetData @ azuremediaplayer.min.js:10
    e @ azuremediaplayer.min.js:8
    g.onmessage @ azuremediaplayer.min.js:14
    azuremediaplayer.min.js:14 [22:44:59.284] error: azureHtml5JS: httpDataRetriever: https://abc123-use2.streaming.media.azure.net/21256d4b-9116-4189-bb87-96b15d759102/TheRoundTable-output.ism/QualityLevels(3000000)/Fragments(video=60696990,format=mpd-time-csf) failed, httpStatus: 412
    azuremediaplayer.min.js:14 [22:44:59.284] error: azureHtml5JS: httpDataRetriever: Module = httpDataRetriever FailureCode = 0x0020019C https://abc123-use2.streaming.media.azure.net/21256d4b-9116-4189-bb87-96b15d759102/TheRoundTable-output.ism/QualityLevels(3000000)/Fragments(video=60696990,format=mpd-time-csf)

    Tuesday, May 12, 2020 2:57 AM


  • The 412's messages are benign as long as the playback doesn't stop.
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    Tuesday, May 12, 2020 3:31 AM