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  • hi, this is not really a c# question, but there is no directx forum (at least not that i know, or not listed), i am doing my thingy in c# anyway.

    i can retrieve the number of axis, i can get the state of each axis, but how do i know which are the axis present in the device?

    there are lots of axis with lots of names, i am trying a 4 axis joystick, in control panel they are listed as xy, dial and z rotation. i can retrieve the state of each one by x, y, rz, but 'dial' i can't get its state, i dont know how it is called inside a joystickstate struct. i have tried with z, rx and ry and none of them seem to get the 'dial' position. besides of retrievning the number of axes, the state of each axis, how do you know which axis is which, and which one is present and which is not?
    Saturday, May 10, 2008 9:10 PM

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