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  • Hi,


    As explained in various threads that I have recently started here, I have noticed that there are differences in the way the shell behaves in isolated mode. The same templates or VSPackages tested in the standard shell behaves differently in isolated mode. For example, I have to change some entries in the custom project template to make it work in isolated mode.


    My understanding was that a VSPackage or a custom template should behave the same way, be they loaded in the standard shell or in the isolated mode shell. This doesn't seem to be the case.


    The documentation about the isolated mode is very minimalist. I have read promises about a more detailed documentation in the RTM but nothing has changed.


    Is there any place where the isolated mode is described with more details about its specifics?


    Thanks in advance.

    Thursday, November 29, 2007 2:23 PM


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  • Patrick,


    Did you see this introducion to the Visual Studio 2008 Shell in the VSX edition of Code Magazine?

    Although, it isn't the detailed documentation that you are looking it does do a very good job explaining the differences between the various modes and comes with an walkthrough that explains the isolated mode.


    Hope this helps.



    Thursday, November 29, 2007 3:05 PM
  • Thanks Edward,


    I'm aware of the differences between the various shell modes themselves. No problem. What I'm trying to find out are the differences at the coding level. As I said, a custom template that works fine with VS Standard should work the same way in Isolated mode. However, I have to setup the project template file differently. For example, I have reported the following differences in other threads in this forum:


    - I need a .vstemplate file in isolated mode and not when testing the same custom template in a standard shell.

    - I need to add an empty <Target Name="ResolveAssemblyReferences"/> tag in isolated mode and I don't need this in standard mode.


    So I guess that there are probably other differences which are unfortunately not documented in the VS SDK. That's what I'm trying to find. Such details are very time-consuming and I'd like to anticipate  . But I have not much hope, to be honest...


    Thursday, November 29, 2007 3:54 PM