Need some advice on GAC vs Local RRS feed

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  • I am doing some research on the process of using the GAC vs keeping referenced assemblies local to the executables. I am looking for some good web sites or books that might illustrate the pros and cons of each direction.

    I am part of a group that is slowly updating a VB6 application to .net 2.0, and perhaps to newer frameworks in the future. Part of the update will be to consolidate a lot of common functionality into common or global assemblies. We are trying to determine whether we should put these assemblies in the GAC or to keep them locally. We will be doing this in stages so at times we will have VB6 apps accessing these common .net assemblies through COM interop wrappers. New .net apps would be using the same assemblies directly.

    The current VB6 app utilizes COM references heavily, so we have tons of registered assemblies now. It seems to me that going the GAC route is appropriate, but I am sure that there are some cons to this approach.

    So, I'd appreciate any links to resources that might help me answer my own question. Thanks.

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